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The V2 Cigs Can Improve Your Relationships: Here's Why
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When you have an addiction, you sometimes fail to notice its effects on the ones around you. Smoking is one of those addictions that is legal, but still destructive not only for your health, but also for your relationships. 
You probably had to face many arguments due to smoking. Most of them were probably caused by the amounts of money that you spend for cigars instead of saving them or serving them for a better purpose. This happens especially when you have a non-smoking partner or parents for whom smoking makes no sense. 
Now let's talk about the awful smell of cigars. Maybe it doesn't bother you so much because you're used to it. But had it ever crossed your mind that some people might find it disturbing and therefore choose to avoid you? Smoke smells very disturbing for a non-smoker and he/she can easily detect when a person smokes. Expensive perfumes or chewing gums don't help too much. If you're a heavy smoker, they might just create a weird-smelling combination that's just not right.
The bad smell and wasted money might have caused the end of some relationships or affected existing ones, without you even noticing it. Things seem different from the other side of the fence and, though you might consider smoking to be your business, others might regard it as disturbing and slowly walk away from you.
Now you have the opportunity to stop all that chaos without having to quit your beloved addiction. Yes, that's true. You can continue to smoke without spending so much money and without invading each room you step in with a bad smell of smoke. Choose electronic cigarettes such as the V2 cigs or e-cigarette star pages, considered to be the most superior ones in the business. 
They look the same and are cost-effective, allowing you to save up to 75% of the monthly budget spent on regular cigars. V2s are basically made of a battery and a reusable cartridge that you can refill with your favorite flavor. Currently, there are ten flavors around and three of them (Sahara, Red and Congress) resemble tobacco blends. But the vapor (which, by the way, looks like real smoke) they release is odorless. So say goodbye to disgusting-smelling clothes and methods to mask the smell of cigars.

The V2 cigs provide the same smoking experience, but a cost-efficient and healthy overall habit. They don't contain any harmful substances found in a tobacco cig. The whole 

thing is basically made of a level of nicotine and a liquid made of propylene glycol for flavor. You'll find the full list of ingredients on the V2 site.
Using V2 cigs will improve the relationships with your partner or family and help you interact better with everyone around you. No one will ever think that you're wasting your income for an addiction or that you smell bad.
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